Design don’t just Develop

By Bernard McMahon

Developing products and services for a global market carries significant data management implications. There is a need to understand how best to structure and use this data for both local needs and the enhancement of products or services.


NTH COO, Eddie Dodds, has worked with a number of companies looking to launch global products. Any new venture looking to exploit Intellectual Property in a new company (IPCO), need to be aware from the outset of the implications of how data should be organised, stored, shared and used.

IPCO global launch means global compliance. Data can be stored and shared to comply with local jurisdiction rules however sharing data across jurisdictions demands wider compliance (e.g. recent legislation in Europe known as EUGDPR or the demands of complying with FDA in the US)

Whilst any local solution will need to abide by the rules in the jurisdiction, some countries have little or no compliance regulations. This presents a potential problem to any organisation. Setting out to deliver a global solution means the IPCO needs to make sure they can comply.

Utilising essential data for product / service enhancement back in the IPCO, needs to be anonymised and may be needed at transaction level. This will lead to “Big Data” and “Machine Learning” design approaches.

Devices connected to the cloud need to be protected from a security perspective. Whether this is a public or private cloud, the issues broadly remain the same.

For example, in the case of medical devices used globally, IPCOs need to: -

  • Provide a service to the local health authority
  • Share data in a particular jurisdiction where appropriate
  • Provide anonymised data back to the IPCO to allow the product to be developed and enhanced.

So the watch word needs to be “Design” don’t just “Develop”.

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