Life Sciences Knowledge Transfer to Bangladesh

By Bernard McMahon

Barisal Biotechnology UK Limited (BBUK) is a multidisciplinary life sciences company with a focus on transferring UK healthcare, science knowhow, products, and knowledge based services into developing countries.

Its current focus is Bangladesh where BBUK has identified and established strong relationships and partnerships with decision makers in Hospitals, Universities, Government Ministries and Enterprises throughout the country. Together with their partners, there is a shared vision of developing the next generation of personalised healthcare, science based innovative services, and professionals.

A major initiative is the introduction of New Born Screening in Bangladesh for congenital hypothyroidism (CHT), which affects around 1 in 1500 babies of the more than 3.5m births each year in Bangladesh. BBUK's team is coordinating and leading this ambitious program in conjunction with Sheffield Children's Hospital, who will provide clinical guidance and training, Labsystems in Finland who are supplying the point of care devices, the Bangladesh Ministry of Health and senior clinicians in Bangladesh who are implementing the program on the ground.

NTH Executive Chairman, Bernard McMahon, is working with BBUK’s founders in the roll of interim MD to raise investment, establish systems and procedures.
Relationships created with Healthcare UK, Sheffield Children’s Hospital, the Universities of Sheffield, Bradford and Manchester, as well as established British companies, are enabling collaborations to create a portfolio of knowledge based services. Through this mutually beneficial partnership NTH is opening up the rapidly growing economy of Bangladesh to all our clients and partners.

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